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Hi, I’m Adrian – I’ve been developing games for the past six years and have always had a thing for the visual

Presently, I’m part of Klang Games in Berlin and the team behind SEED – a persistent MMO simulation where the player’s goal is to take over a vast planet to ensure the survival of humanity – I shape the game’s landscape out of code and sprinkle it with rocks, trees and plants. In the recent years, I helped build the battling mechanics of BOSSGARD, the graphics and console portability of BLACK THE FALL and the educational mini-games of VELAWOODS. I also published a mildly interesting paper on terrain generation right after graduating from Coventry Uni, where I learned video-games and graphics. Nice of you to drop by!


C#, C++, OpenGL, Cg/HLSL, ShaderLab


Visual Studio, Unity, Render Doc, PIX, OpenFrameworks, Git, SVN


3Ds Max, Blender, Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, Ableton


Win, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Gear VR, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch


  • Started working on SEED, a persistent MMO for which my role is that of a gardener, shaping the landscape out of code and sprinkling it with rocks and plants
  • Hopped on a plane to Berlin in search for exciting adventures in games, when most of the features of Bossgard as we envisioned it initially were mature
  • DevKnights is born out of a desire to tighten the game dev community, to get a chance to see, play and talk about the newest projects @ Bucharest’s game studios
  • Bossgard, our new colourful multiplayer (co-op & networked) brawler is rapidly taking shape @ Sand Sailor Studio, featuring vikings and ridiculous bosses!
  • Global Game Jam ’18 hosts a handful of adventurous developers with whom I helped develop a beautifully designed Aztec-themed game


  • At Sand Sailor Studio, we continue to develop Black The Fall for Nintendo Switch, while also freely prototyping multiplayer game ideas for VR headsets
  • Black The Fall is published by Square Enix on Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, being the first Romanian game to release on all three platforms at once
  • Participated in the Ludum Dare #38 Game Jam as a programmer in a team of five, developing a silly, yet sombre Android game
  • Took part in the Global Game Jam ’17 in Bucharest as a mentor, giving out advice and helping teams manage their tasks and bugs


  • Got hired as a Unity developer for Black The Fall, an award-winning atmospheric platformer depicting an eerie communist Romania, published by Square Enix
  • Settled in Bucharest with my partner while also re-uniting with friends and family, keeping an eye on the local games development pulse
  • Bid farewell to Sheffield and hopped on a journey through Europe for one month and a half, visiting all major cities on my way to Denmark and finally Romania
  • Velawoods gets released on Android, iOS and Windows, attracting a whooping 20,000 users in the first few weeks, with new content being constantly developed


  • Velawoods is rapidly taking shape, moving the project from the concept phase to full production with over 20 people actively developing and testing it


  • Moved to northern England, where I found an exciting DIY punk and electronic music underground scene, which I strongly recommend visiting
  • Got hired as a core Unity developer at Route 1 Games in Sheffield, to build Velawoods from scratch for Cambridge University Press and Learn Direct
  • Flew back to Romania for the summer break and freelanced as an illustrator / graphic designer before going back to the UK
  • Successfully graduated university with a 1st class Computer Science Diploma, specializing in Game Development


  • Got acquainted with Unity and built ‘Fractal Nature’, a terrain generator featuring genuine erosion techniques for my final year project
  • Founded Digital Flow, a *very* small media production company featuring motion graphics ads and photography
  • Learned and practiced 3D modelling and animation with 3Ds Max and Blender, as well as writing simple shaders and materials
  • Settled in Coventry and focused on studying and building simple games, writing personal physics and rendering libraries with C++ and OpenGL


  • Purchased a one-way plane ticket to England to study Game Development at Coventry University with the dream of merging code with art
  • Graduated highscool with final exams in Computer Science (9.25), Maths (8.15) and Literature (9.60), topping them with a Cambridge English certification
  • Games like Prince of Persia, Black & White and Starcraft captured my curiosity as a young and aspiring developer
  • Followed a science-oriented highschool profile with an emphasis on Maths and Computer Science at the “Jean Monnet” National College in Ploiesti