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Black The Fall

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Enter a vision of communist Romania during Europe’s greatest experiment as Black, an old factory worker tired of toiling under the country’s harsh dictatorship glooming under Ceausescu’s gaze. Manipulation is key to your freedom as you discover the factory’s intricate puzzles. Befriend the machines and escape cold-fired red bullets shot through the steampunkish eerie atmosphere. A door malfunctions, an opportunity arises – will you take it?


Black The Fall offers a seamless experience through 36 scenes filled with puzzles as you, the player, guide Black through the factory’s rooms towards an escape in the city where you eventually get caught by the Securitate police, only to find yourself in an unguarded prison as all Romania rises into its greatest revolution yet.


As a render programmer

  • Developed and maintained a custom rendering pipeline within Unity
  • Wrote custom cross-platform shaders for the game’s materials and particle effects
  • Implemented post-processing techniques such as a highly optimised masked bloom, volumetric fog, realtime volumetric lights, gamma balance and dithering filters


As a console developer

  • Squeezed the last performance gains out of BTF’s assets and scripts for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
  • Cared for a seamless experience throughout the game considering each console’s inputs and OS behaviours
  • Kept everything in line with Sony’s and Microsoft’s technical requirement checklists (TRCs)
  • Set up the game’s services and prepared the product for launch on each console’s store


Black The Fall has been created and developed by Sand Sailor Studio in Bucharest, and published by Square Enix, with myself being one of the three ‘Jack-of-all-trades’ programmers in a team of eight dudes and dudettes.


Since its release, we’ve been hard at work prototyping new fun concepts, BOSSGARD┬ábeing our “baby boomer”!


C#, Cg/HLSL, Code, Game, Platformer, Unity, Work