Adrian's Portfolio | Realtime Glow And Wavy Fog Shaders
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Realtime Glow And Wavy Fog Shaders



  • A flexible and highly optimised post-processing glow effect which will add that extra bit of realism to any scene.┬áThe glow is technically close to what Playdead’s Inside and Call of Duty : Modern Warfare use, built after quite some extensive research and experimentation.
  • A volumetric fog material which animates curvy waves inside cube meshes, suited for eerie, surreal landscapes.


The project has been created using Unity, the shaders have been written in the Cg/HLSL language and most of the algorithms plus some optimisation patterns have also been implemented in Black The Fall, released June 2017 on Xbox One, PS4 and Steam.


C#, Cg/HLSL, Code, Unity